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2019   My One in A Million 我的万里挑一 (Singapore)


2018   Magical Legend 天书奇谭 ž 平妖传 (China)

            One Boat One World 海洋之城 (China)

2017   Story of Yan Xi Palace 延禧攻略 (China)

             Love and Passion 万水千山总是情 (China)

2015   Yes Sir My Boss (Thailand)

             Echoes of Time 星月传奇 (Singapore)

             Zero Calling 2 (Singapore)

             118 (Singapore)

             3cm Short 差三公分想爱你 (Malaysia)

             Terms of Endearment 如何说再见 (Malaysia)

2013   In Laws 男婚女嫁 (Malaysia)

2012   Dark Sunset 黑色夕阳 (Malaysia)

2011   Model a la Mode 天幕迷情 (Malaysia)

            Secrets for Sale 拍卖 (Singapore)

            A Time to Embrace 逐影筑梦 (Singapore)

2010   Tribulations of Life 浮生劫 (Malaysia)

           Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应 (Singapore)

           Your Hand in Mine 想握你的手 (Singapore)



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