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2017   AL is Coming 超级APP (China)

            My Fantasy Diary: The Idolater’s Plan
            少女的奇幻日记之追星计划 (China)

2016   Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 (Hong Kong)

            Undercover vs Undercover 潜龙狙击

            The Love Machine

2015   In the Room 无限春光27 (Japan)

2013   The Art of Love 心艺 (Singapore)

            Glorifying Love 玩COOL青春 (Singapore)

            Lucky Bowl 聚宝盆 (Malaysia)

            Judgement Day 世界末日 (Singapore)

2012   Medic Force On Call 999 幸福边缘 (Malaysia)

            Wiedervereint in Malaysia (Germany)

2009   The Promise 向日葵 (Singapore)

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